farvard anniversary

No other CD Player in the world matches the Favard

Diamond Line: the highest available technology and audio components

Favard is the top player of the state-of-the-art Diamond Line, featuring top class design in digital and analogue stage, unique twelve tubes design and the most massive power supply ever made for a digital source

The transport mechanism model JPL2580 is the drawer type supplied by Austrian StreamUnlimited a high professional specialized high-end audio spare parts company. It is made of aluminium and it enables the smoothest possible rotational stability reducing the speed fluctuation as well

Using superior class components, such as high quality capacitors and resistors, redefines the standards in the world of digital players

The Favard is powered by a double battery automatic rechargeable power supply and eight linear transformers inductive design driving four tubes working as rectifiers

The Double Battery power supply drives the analogue stage to achieve the best noiseless audio purity

The massive eight linear transformers inductive power supply, drive the Class A analogue tube output stage. Besides the inductive power supply drives all the digital stages and the mechanic transport guaranteeing perfect stability control

Favard features a twelve tube design; eight tubes are dedicated to the Class A output dual mono gain stage while the other four rectify the power supply to achieve an incredibly smooth audio signal

Very high mass chassis is able to control the energy of vibration's feedback featuring a high class cosmetic solution that perfectly matches the Demidoff units as well

The Favard is available in a variety of options being a digital transport unit only but it is even offered as a fully equipped unit featuring DAC solution with four coaxial digital inputs and one USB 24/192 High Speed asynchronous port conveniently converting the signal of any other digital source offering best top solutions

Optionally featuring an exclusive atomic master clock virtually eliminating the digital audio jitter problem that creates phase error signal

Favard Anniversary
Favard Anniversary

Main Details

Main features: CD Player and DAC with twelve tubes, ten power transformers and two batteries
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz +/-0.3dB
THD – Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.05% max
Signal to noise ratio: -120dB
Dynamic response: 127dB
Output impedance: 50ohm
Phase response: linear phase, absolute phase inverted
Digital filter: proprietary Zero-Clock circuit enabling three different Master Clock
Mechanic: aluminium JPL-2580 StreamUnlimited
Speed fluctuation: 0.0001%
Volume control: switchable On/Off Digital partializer

Weight: 40kg
Dimensions: 470mm W | 240mm H | 475mm D

Audio Inputs

Coaxial digital input: two RCA S/PDIF asynchronous 24/192

Audio Outputs

Analogue output: stereo RCA and balanced XLR
Line output level (fixed): 2.5V both RCA and XLR
Digital output: S/PDIF, 75ohm RCA 24bit


Infrared remote: RC5 proprietary code


CD formats: Red Book
Disc compatibility: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3


Mains supply: 100/115/230V, 50/60Hz, depending on market destination and not convertible
Special: tubes, battery and inductive massive power supply
Power consumption: 180W


Coaxial digital input: up to four RCA S/PDIF asynchronous 24/192
USB port: asynchronous 24/192 High Speed 2.0 port
Atomic clock: Master Atomic Clock Generator device
External AC filter: Gold Note Lucca AC distributor
Other: Gold Note Lucca power chord





Anodised Aluminium | Black