Demidoff diamond anniversary

The best solid state amp to drive your loudspeakers

Diamond Line: the highest available technology and the best solutions

Gold Note designs and manufactures 100% in Italy a complete range of prestigious high-end audio products featuring unique, technical and aesthetic characteristics: Diamond line offers the highest available technology featuring the best possible solution.

This Decade Edition of the Demidoff Diamond Anniversary amplifier only uses the finest electronic components and represents the absolute state of the art for 21st Century electronics design.

The Diamond Anniversary needs two hundred hours of skillful work to be created and features more than 250 mt point by point soldered wires, with meticulously selected custom parts hand assembled and checked to offer the greatest audio experience ever.

Demidoff Diamond Signature black

The Demidoff Diamond Anniversary uses the finest implementation of Gold Note Mirror-Amp™ design, which deploys a gain stage through a proprietary cascode differential amplifier.

Mirror Current design provides a superlinear, virtually distortion-free signal.

Power supply takes advantage of a massive chassis and is made up of eighteen handcrafted transformers specifically manufactured to strict specification to ensure the highest quality in every single stage of the amp featuring a proprietary inductive design for a virtual battery effect and extremely low AC interferences.

The strategic audio signal paths are wired with twisted bars in pure silver.

The audio amplifier is set in a totally separated unit wired using two professional Neutrik connectors keeping the source of all the power supply conveniently far to achieve the best audio performance.

The Double Mono Active Volume Control system is developed using Texas Instruments PGA2310, providing through strict tolerance resistors a step-by-step single channel volume control for high-end audio resolution, lowest distortion and perfect channel balance.

The active preamp stage allows a 10dB gain for best resolution and perfect unit control. Volume control is stepped with 0.5dB high precision 0.1% resistors. Due to the Double Mono setup, active Volume Control also features sonically ideal balance control solution.

The Demidoff Diamond Anniversary does not have any active or passive filters on the audio signal path to preserve best audio performance and being a fully remote controlled unit it also comes with display for volume control and input selection setup.

Thermal switches control the unit to cut power off in the event of overheating condition.

Demidoff Diamond Signature white

Main Details

Dimensions: 2 x 470 mm W | 240 mm H | 475 mm D
Weight: 80 Kg

Power output: 100+100W at 20-20000Hz
Frequency response: 5Hz-30kHz at +/-1dB
THD – Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.05%THD at 20Hz-20kHz Signal to Noise ratio: -112dB Damping factor: >150
Slew rate: 13V/µs
Volume control: Double Mono Active Resistor Volume Control

Audio Inputs

Analogue inputs: four RCA, two XLR, stereo
Input sensitivity: 550mV, all inputs
Input impedance: 47Kohm
Power amplifier input: stereo RCA

Audio Outputs

Pre out: two stereo RCA
Speakers: Gold Note BP-01 Rhodium Plated Binding Post


Mains supply: 100/115/230V, 50/60Hz, depending on market destination and not convertible
Power transformers: eight audio E-core customized, eight decoupling, two Dual Mono preamp, two service
Power consumption: 600W max – 70W idle


Infrared remote: RC5 proprietary code


Special: Gold Note Lucca power chord



Anodised Aluminium | Black or Silver


Black powder coated